Cosplay is a word that has its roots in costume play and it actually means dressing and pretending to be someone else. Many times, people dress and play a role in order to represent a character or a main idea. Cosplay many time include representations of Japan characters or American cartoons like manga, anime, comic books, hentai, video games and fantasy movies. It is easy to find a role since anyone or anything can generally be a subject of cosplay.
Many times wonen can act man roles or viceversa. Sex appeal is also a point of interest an many choose their costumes on their cosplay costume in accordance to its attractiveness. Cosplay can be found in a subculture regardless of any stage and cultural context.
Although it is related to English terminology, it has strong Japanese influences. It is said that costumes brought inspiration to artists such as fiction writers, the media and of course, actors. The expressivity of costumes has broken any limits one can imagine in both imagination and originality. In 1939 the first SF costume appeared in Philadelphia. Hundreds of film fans became interested in purchasing various kinds of SF costumes after seeing several movies.
Artists like Wendy Pini, Kelly Freas, Julian May and many others have helped inspire many fans and expanded the industry of costumes beyond all conventions. Suits can vary from simple ones to “mecha” suits. Cosplay is considered a different type of costume than the Halloween one and it has the explicit intention of reproducing a character and not a specific holiday spirit. These characters can be part of a movie, comic book and even a video game character. As one can observe, this type of expression is very well linked to the technology and it might just as well evolve in an All game players, movie watchers celebration.
Cosplay costumes can be created at home and many people do that, creating their own costumes but since that much time is given to details, a professional hand can be a lot quicker and better. However, many cosplayers have become so good that their skills are revealed by the difficulty of details and materials used to represent their favorite character.
Since a cosplay costume can be more than tricky, many cosplayers start studying arts and Crafts. They start studying textiles, face paint or fashion design, even sculpture and woodworking, anything that can help them explore better the best possibilities of rendering the favorite character. Hair design is not a must because most of the passionate wear wigs with their costumes. These wigs can be easily purchased online.
In cosplaying so to say, the costume and they wig are not everything there is. Surely, cosplayers find pride in their costumes especially if they are self maid, but one has to know their character very well. If not, many aspects of behavior can be interpreted differently. Adopting the character in a true sence means also adopting some of the behavior for the time of the representation. Although many of these representations are met on the streets, there are however many competitions and miscellaneous events in this respect.